November 2015

Volume 5, Issue 1


Crossers of the peripheries: Some aspects of cross-border livelihood practices along the West Bengal-Bangladesh border

Cartographic borders between states are often spaces of complex survival strategies, not just interms of security threats to lives but also in terms of devising unique livelihood practices by the people living along the border. The West Bengal-Bangladesh border is no different, except for the fact that similar ethnic population profile on both sides of the border makes the situation a shade more complex. This paper attempts to highlight, very briefly, on some of the livelihood practices seen along the West Bengal-Bangladesh border which ensure a daily bread for the people but challenge the purpose of the border, at the same time. They simulataneously portray the ‘border people’ as both victims of border-making as well as active users of the opportunities which the border creates. This paper is also an attempt to highlight the phenomenon of ‘crossing’ in the context of the livelihood practices discussed.

Debdatta Chowdhury


De-radicalisation programmes: defeating the Islamic State at the UK grassroots level

In the wake of the UK Parliament’s decision on Friday to sanction air strikes against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, superficial comparisons with the 2003 Iraq War have invariably been drawn. In reality, the two wars could not be more different. Most importantly, from a legal standpoint, Iraq’s call for assistance from foreign nations validates lawful military intervention within its territory; the inclusion of regional players – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain and Qatar – supplements the legitimacy of operations.

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Assisted Suicide: How Feasible is the Legal Right to Die?

Dr. Cedric Gilson & Pravin Jeyaraj