About the Westminster Law Review

The Westminster Law Review was established in 2011 by Saad Minhas, Sherif Elgebeily, Pravin Jeyaraj and Shamima Chowdhury to provide a resource for academics and professionals in the legal field. The journal aims to combine high quality academic works and critical reviews in order to provide potential authors with a viable forum to present and publish their work.

The Review currently publishes 2 issues per academic year electronically, in addition to ad hoc special issues. Articles are selected by means of a blind peer review process in order to ensure the fair and equitable selection of articles. Articles, comments and book reviews are invited from all undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral law students, as well as academics and practitioners from the wider legal sphere.

Executive Committee for 2014-2015

Sherif Elgebeily, Editor-in-Chief
Sherif Elgebeily is a Doctoral Researcher in International Law at the University of Westminster, focusing on the United Nations Security Council and the global rule of law. Prior to this, he was awarded an MA in International Human Rights Law summa cum laude from the American University in Cairo and undertook several internships including the United Nations Department of Political Affairs in New York, the European Commission in Brussels and the Child Law Centre in Pretoria. He was one of the academic editors on the founding executive committee of 2011-2012.

Shamima Chowdhury, Executive Director
Shamima Chowdhury has recently graduated with a 2:1 in an LLB Law from the University of Westminster. She has completed numerous work experience and internships with major law firms, including Pinsent Masons LLP and 29 Bedford Row Chambers. She is continuing in the role of Executive Director for a second year as an alumni.

Pravin Jeyaraj, Academic Editor
Pravin Jeyaraj is a Doctoral Researcher in Environmental Law at the University of Westminster and he is interested in the UK government's waste and recycling policy. He has previously worked in property law, corporate social responsibility and as a journalist and has been awarded an MA in Journalism from the University of Westminster. He is continuing in the role of academic editor for a second year and is also responsible for maintaining the journal’s social media channels.

Serhat Yilmaz, Academic Editor
Serhat Yilmaz graduated from lstanbul University in Turkey with a law degree prior to moving to the UK. He pursued LLM International Law at SOAS (University of London). He obtained his Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and completed Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the College of Law (London). Serhat is currently a doctoral research at University of Westminster, London and the member of the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture. His research project is focusing on the creation of a better regulatory framework for the sport agents, particularly in football, within the European Union.

Marloes Spreeuw, Academic Editor
Marloes Spreeuw is a Doctoral Researcher in EU Criminal Law and a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster. Her research project is focusing on the conflicts between the principle of mutual recognition and human rights. Before moving to the UK, she graduated with a law degree from the University of Leiden. Having worked as a lawyer in the Netherlands and coming from a civil law system, she decided to broaden her horizon and to study the common law system at King’s College London. Afterwards, she also obtained a LLM in EU Law with Distinction from the University of Westminster.

Victoria Brooks, Academic Editor
Victoria Brooks is a Doctoral Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster. Her research runs along the themes of Law, Space, Sexuality and Coastal Materiality, from a Deleuzian theoretical perspective. She graduated with a First Class LL.B degree from the University of Westminster. She is also the Centre Administrator for the Westminster Law & Theory Centre and Co-Editor of the Westminster Online Working Papers. Prior to her university career, she worked for a number of years as a Paralegal in civil litigation.

Sen Seman Dervish, Academic Editor
Sen Semah Dervish is a Doctoral Researcher in European Union Law at the University of Westminster, focusing on the Union’s political and judicial approach to the case of Cyprus and discovering how the European Union can build a bridge over troubled waters. Prior to this, she graduated from L’Université de Nanterre, Paris 10, with a Diploma in French Law and also obtained an LL.B from the University of Westminster. Afterwards, she was awarded an LL.M in European Union Law with Distinction from the University of Westminster. She is highly involved in the politics of Northern Cyprus and has a close bond with several high profile Turkish Cypriot politicians.

Francisca Arguinarena, Senior Marketing Director
Francisca Arguinarena is in her final year of the LLB Law programme at University of Westminster. She has volunteered with community organisations throughout the year and has undertaken work experience in the family law sector. She participated in the OUP/BPP National Mooting Competition 2013/14 reaching the quarter-finals.


Hassan Chowdhury, Website Developer and Maintenance
Hassan Chowdhury is a graduate in Computer Science at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Florina Pop, Marketing Consultant
Florina Pop, was the Senior Marketing Director for the Westminster Law Review in 2013/2014. She is a recent Law Graduate, completing a four year programme, European Legal Studies. She has also studied French Law in Paris, and has been awarded a French Law Diploma. Over the years Florina has dedicated herself to achieving high standard in her work, by taking part in local and national mooting competitions. Due to her remarkable organizational skills and experience she transformed the marketing setting of the Westminster Law Review, and organised successful events, such as the 1st Edition of the WLR National Debating Competition 2013.Furthermore she has vast experience in HR Policies and Recruitment, has undertaken legal work experience with various Barrister chambers. In the pursuit of a career in international law, Florina participated in diplomatic debates, including the Science Po Model United Nations at Rennes 2013. Not only that she is a well-rounded professional, but she also speaks 4 languages and is an amateur artist. Florina is currently furthering her legal knowledge and expertise, and has decided to continue working with the team as a Marketing Consultant.

Joanna Economopoulos, Marketing Director (Canada)
Joanna Economopoulos is currently in her final year of the LLB programme at the University of Westminster and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in History and Political Science from the University of Toronto. As an executive member of the Westminster Law Society for two years, Joanna has experience in marketing and promotions within the University's community. She remains an executive member of the Westminster Law Society for 2012-2013 and also acts there as Representative for the Westminster Law Review. Joanna's previous work experience includes Canadian law firm McCague Borlack LLP and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay, Marketing Director (India)
Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay is a Doctoral research candidate in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) in Kolkota and Lecturer of Law at the Chanakya National Law University. He also holds an LL.M from NUJS and a Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade Law from The Indian Law Institute. He has published over 20 research papers in national and international journals and presented papers at numerous conferences. He has also conducted various workshops and is the founder of the website www.knowledgesteez.com, which provides invaluable information to law students wishing to publish.
Furthermore, he is a Lead Facilitator of Indian Case Laws, a leading website for cases on Corporate and Contract Laws, and a member of the Editorial Board of Comprehensive Journal of Legal Research. He is also Adviser to Lex-Warrier and Law Mantra Law Journal. His areas of interest include Legal Methods, Legal Research Methodology, Refugee Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law and Human Rights.

Anna Vye, Marketing Assistant
Anna Vye is currently in her final year of the LLB European Legal Studies programme at the University of Westminster and has spent a year abroad studying in Maastricht. Anna was appointed as the Director of Photography for the University’s Smoke Magazine in 2011, and since has worked numerous times as a writer both for Smoke Magazine and the newly founded QH newspaper. Over this period, she also had the opportunity to develop her journalism and social media skills, conducting several interviews with high profile media personalities, which has earned her a Smoke Student Journalist of the Year award in 2012. Anna’s interest in law related disciplines such as forensic psychology and law enforcement, opened new doors for her, namely securing work experience with private investigators and the Metropolitan Police Service, therefore expanding her knowledge and skills.


Welcome to Volume III (2) of the Westminster Law Review, which marks the second of the 2013/2014 journal submissions. This edition brings you seven great articles on a broad range of though-provoking topics, beginning with Yahya Alshammari's very topical discussion, in light of current events around the world, on the humanitarian intervention and State autonomy in his article The Right of Political Self-determination and Shifting in the Principle of Non-interference.

A contentious issue for most, Capital Punishment: An institution Vanishing Through the Evolution of the Eighth Amendment is Charlie Eastaugh's insightful review of the restriction on the use of capital punishment through judgments of the Supreme Court that all but explicitly outlaw its use.

Luke Butterly takes economic and social rights as the subject of his article Freedom and Bread: On the justiciability of economic and social rights , presenting a balanced argument both in favour of and against their justiciability and highlighting the nexus between ESR and socio-economic justice.

After last edition’s discussion on copyright with respect to tattoos, copyright within the arts is again in focus in Shane O’Connor's article A Critical Evaluation of the Law of Copyright Authorship in Relation to Derivative Musical Works. His piece discusses the role of performers and the authorship of compositions with multiple contributors, underlining the need for a framework within which the judiciary should operate.

Caitlin Lisle examines the impact of the UK legal system on the implementation of youth justice rights in an exploratory article in her article Is the United Kingdom failing its children? that challenges the manner in which the UK complies with its international obligations with respect to youth justice rights.

Peter Madden argues in favour of the viability of the automatic security negative pledge as a protection mechanism in financing arrangements in his piece entitled Automatic security negative pledges- are they effective in protecting creditors?

With a focus on one of the most populous countries in the world, Sarayu Satish discusses the position of the law with respect to non-court based systems in The Tribunal System in India: Increasing in importance but increasing in effectiveness?

Rounding off this volume are a comment by James Fisher on the ‘ouster principle’ of English land law with reference to the Kettel v Bloomfold case and Giorgia Baldi’s book review of Samera Esmeir’s Juridical Humanity: A Colonial History, which analyses her identification of the impact of late-modern colonialism on sovereignty in Egypt amongst other themes.

Our podcasts continue after the summer recess and the Review will be back in the new academic year with grand plans of a conference for 2015, as well a whole host of other events catering for students, professionals and academics alike.

Until then, enjoy our offering for this volume!

Sherif Elgebeily